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Evergreen Vase Set

Realise the joy in everyday life and charm with flowers.

The newest arrival to the successful Evergreen series is a beautiful set of vases that Professor Eero Aarnio has designed for PlastexDesign.

He was inspired by a thought to delight patients, young and old, with flowers. He refined the idea and designed the timeless Evergreen vases, useful at home as well as in public spaces.

Vases are light and easy to handle. All four sizes fit ingeniously inside one another. Vases are made of durable SAN plastic. They are unbreakable and easy to clean.

At the Set there are four sizes and four colors: clear, black, red.



Mouse Bottle Opener

Magnetic bottle opener in thermoplastic resin.  Available in red, black, white and green.

Dimensions:10x5,5 cm


CrsissCross basket

multipurpose basket in anodized aluminium. Black or Light Metallic.

50 x 50 x 8 cm