Origo Maxi

Or 28.80 € /month

A playful, yet functional form of Origo table lamp displays the creativity of the celebrated Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. Origo lamp is both design table lamp and bright light therapy lamp in one. Origo is appealing with its sympathetic round form and soft velvety surface.

The shape of the Origo light fixture stems from a wooden pillar, which the Finnish Designer Eero Aarnio had constructed years ago for his lake side smoke sauna, with a function similar to a balustrade, to ease climbing up to the upper benches.

The upper part of Origo forms a smooth handle so that it is easy to carry and place in different locations as an eye catcher. Thanks to its dimmer, Origo can be used as a cosy design table lamp outside the bright light therapy season.

Origo comes in three sizes; Origo max, Origo (with a dimmer can be converted to a bright light lamp) and Origo mini.

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