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“The method of production of the new Champion-chair is like a watchmaker’s. There’s no point in producing anything less than perfect”, says Eero Aarnio. The metal work and the polishing are made by Ilpo Niiranen from Levyx Oy. Hundreds of working hours are required to cut and weld steel plates into triangles to assemble the  chair legs and the arm-rests. The steel parts are finished with a layer of varnish to make them fingerprint-proof. The leather upholstering is only slightly different from that of the prototype. The prototype had cushions cut into shape but Eero Aarnio found them slightly lacking in firmness so the same shape is no longer used in the new Champion­-chair.

The new upholstering has more structure which contributes to the new look of the chair, it is more firm and sculpted. A triangular cushion has also been added to provide a better back- rest. The leather is the same high-quality soft Elmogrand-leather used to upholster the Bossanova-chair designed by Eero Aarnio in 2008. “It is important to try the chair out properly by sitting in it before proceeding to upholster it with quality leather”, Aarnio muses. Because the lower ends of the legs are 5mm above the floor, the chair seems to float in the air.


Width  120 cm , height 80 cm, depth 90 cm. Weight appr. 100 kg.

Delivery time 10-12 weeks.


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