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Ball Chair Audio

Or 328.60 € /month

Ball Chair Audio Design Eero Aarnio, 2008/2011.

This Classic Eero Aarnio Ball Chair has two new features: Armrests and incredible stereo sound.

It has integrated T-class amplifier with 3,5mm input and Anthony Gallo Ball shaped spekers.

You are able to use your laptop, mobilephone, iPOD, or any other mp3- player with the Ball Chair Audio.

This item is produced according to the customer’s wishes and is it not returnable.

White fiberglass shell with black Tonus 3 fabrics

Watch video: Ball Chair Audio

Height 120 cm, width 105 cm, depth 98 cm

Delivery time 8-10 weeks.

NOTE! Please ask for special shipping for large product.



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1 - 1 of 10 results