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As Eero says, for all designers, the most common, interesting, and difficult object to design is a chair. Chairs
for the home usually have four legs, stools have three, and office chairs have two or only one leg. Many
plastic chairs don’t have legs at all instead the body
When Eero started designing a chair for
the chair in mind, and he also wanted to see what new could be accomplished with a rotation mold
technique in chair design.
Because he has always been fond of rocking chairs and the round, rocking shape is easy to a
rotation mold, he ended up with a design that rocks in all directions and also spins due to its contact with the
ground at one point.
The high armrests give a sense of security when spinning the chair around and also provide good support
while sitting.
He wanted to find an international name for the chair, which also would immediately give the association for
the spinning movement, and that’s why he ended up with the name ”Roulette”.

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