The Formula Chair Eero Aarnio says to be one of the best chairs he has ever designed. Slightly rocking back- and forwards it is a perfect chair for relaxing with a refreshing drink after a hard days work. Aarnio: "When looking at a formula 1 car from above there are two very wide 'armrests' on either side of the driver, and looking from the side there is a high headrest. When you take out the wheels, what is left is clearly a FORMULA Chair and they both move about although the car is faster."

Huom. Tuote valmistetaan asiakkaan toivomilla väreillä/verhoiluilla, eikä ole palautettavissa.

Korkeus 81 cm, leveys 130 cm, syvyys 128 cm

Toimitusaika 8-10 viikkoa.


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